blue eyes, white teeth

Massaggio Californiano Esalen Californian MassageI was born in Modena (Italy) under Leo from a family of artisans and farmers. From them I have learned how to appreciate the quality of what we do and how to give lovingness and positive energy. After a childhood full of experience, I attended the Università del Progetto where I discovered design and advertising communication which became my field of interest and my final job.

At the age of thirty I started my path of personal development thanks to systemic psychotherapy.
Subsequently I became familiar with meditation which guided me along a path of spiritual growth by practicing tantra, bioenergetic analysis, biodanza, breathing techniques, shamanism, dance-therapy and essence awareness. It was then that I got to know californian massage for which I felt an immediate affinity. In 2006 I started attending Laboratorio Siddharta of maestro Luciano Jolly which gave me the opportunity to learn how to properly apply the massage techniques and consequently carry them out it with a professional, respectful and effective approach.

From 2007 onwards I have been applying Californian Massage with constantly more fulfilling results.


from 2015 to 2016 HEART MEDITATION TRAINING TEACHER – with Leela, Prasad and Alvina
training for teaching and leading heart meditation events: a very strong path for transformation and awareness growing through the sincronicity of the heart space.

from 2013 to 2015 SUBTLE BODY HEALING – with Leela, Prasad and Alvina
a comprehensive method of healing to open and balance the whole energy system. It cleans and energizes all chakras including the subtle bodies. The opening and the flow of energy through the chakras determines the well-being and the state of health at all levels.

2015 7 TIBETAN RITES – with Silvia Salvarani
training for teaching and conducting workshops of 5 Tibetan Rites (7 in the extended version). A yogic practice that by the harmonization of the seven main chakras, allows the achievement of the full physical health and also a real rejuvenation, both physically and energetically.

2012 AURA-SOMA® FOUNDATION – with Talasi Vanessa Lombardi
five-day intensive training on the renowned non-intrusive therapeutic
system of subtle bodies, which is based on the colors.

from 2007 to 2011 CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE – Laboratorio Siddharta
training school of Californian Massage according to the Luciano Jolly method.

2006 TRANCE DANCE TRAINING – with Apurva
five-day intensive workshop on Trance Dance leading procedures: contemporary shamanic ritual for purification and healing.

My Experiences of Personal Development

2018 NON-DUALITY RETREAT – with Shakti Caterina Maggi
ten-days intensive retreat on non-duality, according to Advaita Vedanta tradition with techniques of perception, meditations and satsang.

intensive 3 days of spiritual purification with the Amazonian master plants and shamanic ceremonies.

2015 TRAUMA HEALING – with Svagito Liebermeister
intensive 5-day experiential sessions of Somatic Experience (SE) aimed at the recognition and dissolution of memories left in the body by trauma, meditation techniques, neo-Reichian work and family constellations.

experiential workshop on the 4 levels of intimate relationship through love and sexuality, using Kabbalah techniques in the heart space.

500-day very intensive dynamic meditation process, particularly active and very deep.

2013 OSHO MYSTIC ROSE MEDITATION 2 – with Niradha Sunder
21-day retreat for a meditation camp and spiritual healing deep process.

2012 OSHO TANTRA 3 – with Svarup and Premartha
eight-day intensive training for adolescense and sexual reconditioning with tantra approach, meditation, family constellations, pulsation and breathing sessions.

2012 DANCE ALCHEMY – with Niradha Sunder
five-day intensive workshop on energetic emotional areas recovering through dance, meditation and bodywork.

2012 MEN’S LIBERATION – with Leela and Prasad
eight-day intensive workshop on male and female conscious and unconscious essentials recovering through meditation and movement techniques on energetic emotional areas.

2011 TANTRA BREATHING – with Devapath
four-day intensive workshop with deep breathing sessions, encounters and tantra techniques.

2011 OSHO NO MIND MEDITATION – with Prem Agostino
11-day cycle for a meditation and spiritual healing deep process.

2011 5 RYTHMS – with Mati Engwerda
two-day workshop on emotional spaces building through Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms map.

2011 OSHO MYSTIC ROSE MEDITATION – with Shanti and Adhiraj
21-day retreat for a meditation camp and spiritual healing deep process.

2011 CHANTE CHANTE – with Sudhiro
spiritual purification camp working in the heart – space in touch with nature (Inipi sweat lodge).

21-day training cycle of dynamic meditation, particularly active and very deep.

2011 TANTRIC MAN TANTRIC WOMAN – with Devapath and Shanti
five-day intensive training with breathing sessions, pulsation and meditation techniques.

2009 OSHO TANTRA 2 – with Svarup and Premartha
eight-day intensive training for adolescense and sexual reconditioning with tantra approach, meditation, family constellations, pulsation and breathing sessions.

three-day intensive workshop on bioenergetics.

from 2007 to 2012 BIOENERGETICS (ipso) – with R. Falconeri and M. Mizrahil
Individual weekly sessions of Bionergetics Anlysis and coaching.

2007 OSHO TANTRA – with Svarup and Premartha
eight-day intensive training for adolescense and sexual reconditioning with tantra approach, meditation, family constellations, pulsation and breathing sessions.

2007 INNER JUDGE – with Sudha
five-day intensive workshop for ego-recognition and restructuring with family constellations, Meditation Techniques, Gestalt, bioenergetics and tantra sessions.

2006 PRIMAL: TWICE BORN – with Svarup and Premartha
eight-day intensive workshop on childhood deconditioning with family constellations, meditation techniques, gestalt, bioenergetics and breathing sessions.

2006 DANCE THERAPY – with Vistara
three-day workshop on dance as approach to spiritual healing and body awareness thanks to bionenergetic exercises and bodywork.

from 2005 to 2007 AQUATIC BIODANZA – with D.Brigato e M.Chiorbioli
playing, movements and group encounter sessions according to the Rolando Toro Method.

2005 VOICING – with Sumitra
three-day intensive workshop on pulsation and bioenergetics focused on voice using.

2005 REBIRTHING with BREATHING – with Sandhano and Javed
three-day intensive workshop with breathing sessions, meditations and Qi Gong.

tantric meditation retreat.

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