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Six heart meditation events, 2-3 hours each. Each meditation event includes an introduction to the heart, a guided meditation on the heart, and other practical suggestions to remain in connection with the heart during the daily life.

Heart Meditations – Conférence

Jeudi 19 Janvier à 19h

24 Bd Princesse Charlotte – MONACO

Heart and Meditation

There are many techniques from the great meditation traditions of the East and heart meditations are part of this wonderful journey to discovering your true nature. The essence of all the different techniques, including the heart meditations, is that they help you to expand your awareness. With meditation you become more alert, mindful, present, able to be in the moment, and aware of what is happening within and around you. With meditation you become aware of your inner nature and the many treasures that you have inside.


What Do Heart Meditations Give?

Heart Meditations are simple techniques that open your heart and connect you to the many beautiful qualities you have inside that are essential to having a meaningful and rewarding life. Here some examples of what an open heart gives you.

  • Loving Atmosphere

Heart is a loving atmosphere of acceptance, care, and kindness. Here you can be with yourself and with others without judgment or rejection. This loving atmosphere allows you to be as you are and to accept others. The heart creates an atmosphere where you can embrace disturbing feelings and thoughts with love. The energy that is caught in the disturbed feelings and thoughts is transformed and returns back into its natural flow. In this way difficult situations at work or with family and friends are transformed from a negative or stressful experience to a more relaxed, creative, uplifting experience. Love is the magic.

  • Relaxation

The heart reveals a natural state of relaxation. Many people want to relax, and suffer from feeling tension or stress. The secret of relaxation is the loving atmosphere of the heart, which makes it possible to become friends with who you are. When you are relaxed you naturally become more aware of yourself and the world around you. When you are relaxed you are more receptive, your senses open and you become more alert and perceptive in life, giving you wisdom and understanding. Being relaxed feels good, you can easily connect with yourself and be in touch with what is important for you. You receive what life is giving you and value what you give to life.

  • Clear vision 

Heart opens your vision, which enables you to see yourself and others more clearly. Sometimes when you feel confused, or cannot see what direction to take in your life, connecting with your heart opens your clarity and ability to sense or see where you want to go. Also emotions like fear, anger or hopelessness often distort what we see, for example fear exaggerates what is negative and blinds us to the opportunities that are there. Through the heart you can embrace and transform the emotions, which opens your vision. With an open vision from the heart you are able to see more honestly and accurately what is happening around you and what is really important to you. You also see your deeper nature, including your strengths and talents that you use to contribute to people you care about as well as to make your own life better.

  • Balance and Harmony

Heart embraces all the different aspects of your life. It gives balance to opposites in life, for example, balance between making effort and relaxing, between giving and receiving, or between being alone or being with others. With balance, harmony arises between the different areas of your life, such as work, family, recreation and physical health. The heart also brings harmony between you and other people by embracing yourself and others with acceptance without rejection. With acceptance the differences that may be there between you and others can be as they are and don’t disturb the harmony and what you contribute to each other.

  • Non-Judgment

Your heart doesn’t judge, condemn, criticize, reject, repress, hide, or in any way avoid what is happening within or around you. This allows the heart to reveal the truth of whatever is there, within you or with others.

  • Healing

Heart is healing for your whole energy system. It gives you more energy, vitality and accelerates healing in the physical body. Its accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere allows emotional wounds from the past to be seen, felt and healed.

  • Compassion and Forgiveness 

Compassion arises in your heart when you or others are in pain or suffering. When you recognize you have hurt yourself or someone else, your heart is the source of forgiveness toward yourself and toward others who hurt you. Forgiveness is a letting go; it heals old wounds and blockages and opens the flow of your energy in all aspects of your life.

  • Centered

Heart gives a deep connection to your center. At the center you are one with life, in deep synchronicity with other people, with nature, with existence, and with the source where everything comes from. Being centered in life is very relaxing, and at the same time you feel tremendous vitality and aliveness.

All of these qualities are part of your inner nature. As you continue to do heart meditations you will discover and connect with these qualities of the heart and many more and they become an integral part of your life.


information on meditations:
Loris Castagnoli
International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine
(certificate for conducting ELC heart meditations)
tel. 335 68 19 230

Essential Life Program

The Essential Life Heart Meditations have been designed in direct contact with the master Osho and are part of the Essential Life Program presented by Leela Lovegarden, Prasad David Wandres and Alvina Wandres. In this program you discover how to be centered in your heart and inner being. At the same time you learn how to take practical steps to live according to your true nature and have what is important to you in life. For more information visit www.essentiallifeconsulting.com

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