Loris' doing a californian massage treatment


Massaggio Californiano Esalen Californian MassageMy approach considers the body as an integrated expression of different levels. It discovers its signals, brings them to light and thus releases the blocked structures. But there is a novelty:

For some time now I have been complementing this approach with an introductory “talk therapy” before starting the massage. During this talk the person has the opportunity to speak freely of himself about his current state, both physical and emotional, particular events or some trauma that has not been addressed and is thus brought to light. Through the manifestation of the self at a cognitive level and by approaching the regions of the heart, I obtain information on the energy levels deeper than on a mental / cognitive basis, and consequently arrive at results more obvious.

This is achieved by adopting a very delicate technique, without applying any pressure but respecting the timing of the individual and trying to facilitate his opening. This kind of approach – which was tested and introduced by myself in the traditional massage therapy – brought me to strengthen and complete the work of the Californian Massage treatment by adding something extra.

Therefore I can say that this is a good method to develop a deep sense of confidence to entrust both the body and the life. Thanks to my experience, I can also guarantee that this sharing experience has a powerful and fundamental integrative role.

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