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ONE – Workshop on Personal Growth and Californian Massage

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in collaboration with AMI – Associazione Massaggi Italia

SARDINIA – June 16 to 20, 2023

An experience of communion and sharing of joy and love

We will get back in touch with a healthy and loving quality of relationship toward ourselves and others, and this will help us merge into the group by becoming one with existence. We will experience the energy of the whole by expanding our vitality.

We will have the opportunity to make new contacts with interesting and inspiring people for our future.


You will learn to recognize the transformative power of the heart and its extraordinary qualities such as serenity, nonjudgment, healing, …. You will become familiar with the doorway of the heart and its ability to expand your qualities deep inside. Qualities that we often fail to access. Your new conscious vision will expand and make you total and serene in the transformative space of unconditional love.

You will experience how wonderful touch is when it is given and received from your heart.

Recommended for therapists
un ragazzo a occhi chiusi impone le mani sulla schiena prima di iniziare il massaggio

Rebalancing through active techniques and heart meditations will make you experience a broad sense of centering, balance and serenity. From this space you will experience the vast difference in how you can be when you relate to each other in massage, treatments and your daily life. You will experience your true self and the ability to offer your potential to others. A path of personal growth that will help you develop the ability to recognize and value each other’s characteristics and individual predispositions.

Because of his professional experience, Loris recommends it to all holistic therapists, massage therapists, and anyone who suffers from fatigue or discomfort when they are performing treatments on others. When you are centered and relaxed in the heart space, you can feel everything but nothing can touch you or unbalance your energy.


By celebrating you will rediscover the vital essence within you.

Through active meditation techniques we will go about dissolving, discharging and cleansing our energy system of all those disturbing energies that do not allow us to live according to our nature in balance. We will thus reconnect with our inner resources and power.

We will be in the beautiful setting of Sardinia
vista della baia di cagliari

Being in one of the most famous locations in the world for its heavenly sea is a gift. Precisely for this reason we will hold some sessions on the beach that will allow us to bring the powerful energy of the sea and the island inside the energy field of our group.

To whom it is addressed
  • to those who want to get in touch with their inner reality and especially with the best part of themselves
  • to those who want to experience the expressive and therapeutic potential of affective contact, improving their relationship with themselves and others
  • to those who want to develop the ability to recognize and enhance their individual characteristics and qualities
  • to those who wish to have a deeply immersive and energy-nourishing experience in giving and receiving from the space of the heart.
Admission Requirements

To participate in the course, it is required that the participant be sensitive to the relationship with the other and be able to maintain a space of respect during contact with the other. The course is therefore open to all people who are aware of having this requirement.


Led by Loris Castagnoli

Loris is a teacher specializing in the Californian Massage technique. He has 20 years of experience in practicing meditation and personal growth techniques. He is certified in conducting ELC Heart Meditations and active meditations by Osho Institute of Vipassana & Zazen.

Workshop with a total duration of 5 days

Cost is €600 including dormitory accommodation and kitchen use (spaces reserved for retreat participants only)


For registration or any other information about the retreat, please feel free to contact me.

Alessandra (AMI president)

AMIAssociazione Massaggi Italia

how to get there:
The association’s massage school is very close to the airport of Cagliari.

Via dell’ Artigianato, 9