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Nataraj Meditation | NICE 2019

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Nataraj is a simple meditation for all the people. You don’t need to be a “dancer”, rather is better not to be. Just need to be present in the moment and let yourself flowing to the dance. And through the dance you can discover the beautiful and uniqueness in your being.

Thursday, April 30 at 20:15
Friday, July 12 at 19:45

Friday, September 6 at 19:45

Friday, June 7 at 19:45
Friday, August 9 at 19:45

Dancing as a Meditation

Nataraj is the God of dance, yes because he uses dance to elevate his spirit, through dance he reaches the divine and becomes light.

It is the supreme way to free oneself, it is the most joyful way to heal, it is the way of meditation. Through music your body comes to life and becomes a temple in which you can touch the divine, and at that moment you can see: you are in meditation.

Music helps you, through music you connect to a deeper space inside you and your body starts to move, it happens naturally. And through this connection you forget about the body, and slowly you forget about yourself too. You are one with the divine, there is no more separation. This is the big difference between dance and physical activity. When you exercise, you dialogue with the body, you are two distinct and separate things. With dance there is no separation, you are “one” with the universe, you are meditation. Experiment with it.

During these events you will be able to experience it and gradually become a sacred space that you will take within you, and you will be able to experience it everywhere, even at your home.


Nataraj meditation has the great power to regenerate your energy, dissolve subtle energy blocks and even those in your physical body. It allows you to reconnect to your inner power and increase your clarity of vision. All this in an atmosphere of great joy and liberation.

Dance has always been one of the most effective tools for healing, from ancient tribal shamanic dances to modern dance therapies. That is why after thousands of years it is still practiced by all peoples and all races.


Nataraj meditations are for everyone. People of all ages and genders can benefit and enjoy the practice of this meditation.

Disappear in the dance
Forget the dancer, the center of the ego; become the dance. That is the meditation. Dance so deeply that you forget completely that you are dancing and begin to feel that you are the dance. The division must disappear then it becomes a meditation. If the division is there, then it is an exercise: good, healthy, but it cannot be said to be spiritual. It is just a simple dance. Dance is good in itself – as far as it goes, it is good. After it, you will feel fresh, young. But it is not meditation yet. The dancer must go, until only the dance remains.
So what to do? Be totally in the dance, because division can exist only if you are not total in it. If you are standing aside and looking at your own dance, the division will remain: you are the dancer and you are dancing. Then dancing is just an act, something you are doing; it is not your being. So get involved totally, be merged in it. Don’t stand aside, don’t be an observer.
BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH – Meditation: The First and Last Freedom © 1988

Nataraj is dance as a total meditation. There are three stages, lasting a total of 65 minutes.

cost: €15
members: €12

Atelier17 dRôles de Lames
17 rue des Ponchettes – NICE | Côte d’Azur

Ph. +33 (0) 6 64 29 18 53

leaded by Loris Castagnoli: International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine

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