Violent Sex and Vagina Healing

A rape is not necessary for a vagina to be traumatized.
When treated in a rough and violent way, even within a stable and apparently healthy relationship, the extremely sensitive tissues of the vagina may lose their very high sensitivity.

In the West, men and women learn the art of making love with pornography, an industry that works with the intention of attracting mostly a male audience from a young age, encouraging the abuse of integrity and the female body.
In this type of production, it is not uncommon for men to “consume” and abuse the woman’s body like an animal, hitting her with force and brutality, humiliating her and diminishing its value.

This type of message is then replicated by man, in his intimate relationships.

Ignorant of the true art of making love, most Western men are unaware of the female physiognomy as well as the very high sensitivity of the vagina, adding to the fact that many women accept this type of behavior, because they themselves are not available to respect and listen to the your own body.

Many are subject to this type of behavior because they fear losing the man.

Loneliness is one of the greatest fears of women.

By allowing violence, the woman gradually suffers a decrease in her receptive qualities.

In the West, a man penetrates a woman long before her sexual temperature is high enough to invite him in.

Secondly, after the entrance of the man, a series of frictions of the penis occurs against the sensitive and soft vaginal walls that cause another negative effect:

The vagina is no longer a highly sensitive and receptive channel, but a hardened and “armored” channel.

Thirdly, the mechanical movements of the pelvis, typical of conventional sex, contribute even more to increase the growing insensitivity of the interior of the vagina.

Slow sex and vagina healing

A concrete example of the connection between the breasts and the vagina-uterus is the fact that the sucking of the newborn activates the expulsion of the placenta and that when mothers breastfeed, they generate oxytocin that acts at the level of the cervix.

So is good breast stimulation sufficient to reach orgasm?

There are many women who do not need this step to reach the climax, but for most this is a precious step, that if it were respected and well conducted, there would probably not be as many women, frigid or with difficulties to reach orgasm.

When well stimulated, the breasts promote a type of energy that floods and ignites the vagina.

In a heterosexual relationship, the vagina, as a passive pole, must be fully prepared to receive the maximum impact from male energy.

It is important to reconcile the receptive / passive nature of female sexuality.
Passive does not mean submissive.

In Sacred Sexuality, the woman receives male energy in her body and that is why she is said to be the passive pole: her movement is not forward or outward, as in the case of male energy, but from within to up.

When a woman’s vagina vibrates as a magnetic response to the caress of her breasts, sexual, creative and pleasurable energy becomes receptive and activates itself.

This is the moment when the woman realizes that she is ready for intercourse.

It is a completely spontaneous energetic event: an absolute “Yes” to penetration from the depths.
Then the entrance of the dynamic energy of the penis can be opened creating a live electromagnetic circuit.

The vagina “melts” around the penis and drinks the energy that radiates from it.

The woman, as a feminine receptive force, has the ability to drag male energy upwards through her vagina, taking it to the heart and elevating it to a higher frequency.

Sex is a sublime act of subtle and powerful communication and as in all communication dynamics, the receiver must be willing and open to receive what the sender has to express.

If the sender and the receiver are well tuned, then the communication flows, just as the sexual energy flows through this dynamics of receptivity and openness to each other.
If not, however much the sender wants to give his energy / information, the receiver cannot absorb or integrate it.

… love, listening, slowness, silence, interiorization, presence …

These are the keys to awakening female sexual power in intercourse.
A power that must be heated over a low heat and when it comes to a boil it has such energy that it can lead women to altered states of consciousness unimagined capable of melting the largest iceberg. And even soothe or heal, some emotional sexual wounds.

The path of healing is in our hands …

The first step should be to look at our sexuality with the desire to improve it, only then will we have the possibility to change our alchemical energy and this will have an immediate consequence in our entire life.

Ollin Mazatzin Emekauko

Tantra and consciousness: the timeless presence

TANTRA y la consciencia se adentra en el eterno presente lleno de energía, ternura, fuego, amor y eternidad…
Os presento un bellísimo video grabado por Johan Planefeldt en el Encuentro de julio 2013, Hombres y Mujeres con Astiko y Jordi en Els Elements – Barcelona.
Gracias a todos los que habéis mostrado vuestro precioso ser para que este poema de amor y consciencia haya sido creado.

thanks to: tantrawithastiko