Return to Normal Life?

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Many try to console themselves with this idea. A return to normalcy after the virus epidemic. This means living in a world of dreams, hypnotizing ourselves with a hope that in fact has no chance of coming back.

And what normalcy? That of individualism, the one where everyone thinks about themselves to beat others?

I try to indicate some of the various reasons that make this idea absurd and enemy of our evolution as human beings:

1. First of all, I wonder what is “normal” in a world where you work like crazy to buy “things” that mostly do not help but fill our lack of meaning and contact with ourselves and others ?

What is normal regarding the separation that we continuously nourish within ourselves and others through judgments, prejudices, exclusion, racism, ideology, nationalism, false gods?

What is normal about not having time, being stressed, running after money and success?

Telling us the tale of the golden age that preceded this moment only serves to keep us in a perennial state of narcissistic infantilism.

2. What is usually called normality is a continuous reduction in the field of possibilities and an adjustment to mediocrity as established by the canons of power.

“What is mediocrity? Mediocrity is a way of being in which the aspirations and yearnings for the highest values ​​and meanings of existence are suppressed or latent. Mediocrity is not what the average is, but conforming to the average in the absence of desire, aspiration and longing for the highest values ​​and meanings of existence.

Since no human being was born with an intrinsic desire to be mediocre but, on the contrary, with the desire and aspiration for greatness, the mediocre person must justify or ignore his mediocrity in order to live with it and with himself. This means that he or she must live a life that is false and without integrity disconnected from his deepest desires and aspirations “. Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

3. And then, in short, when will we understand, once and for all that the past is dead, and that the new continuously presents itself? What we call normality, referring to what has been, is now a corpse. It would be better to bury it, burn it, let it go, possibly even celebrating it. Our existence, in its infinite goodness, is pushing us to say enough!

4. Fortunately, normality does not exist. It is only a concept with which power — in all its forms, social, political and religious — has attacked the individual and our uniqueness.

It has manipulated us for millennia to induce us all to obedience.

The obedience to a certain way of seeing the world and oneself, the obedience to shoes and designer clothes, the obedience to the search of certainty, the obedience to hide ourselves and presenting a mask that wishes to please others, the obedience to money … etc. etc. (The reader can add whatever he/she wants to this list)

5. A look at the history of humanity clearly shows that it is not possible to go back to the past.

As far as we are concerned: globalism is showing all its limits, as a productive and financial strategy, expression of capitalist ideology, finally opening the way for a more human form of production where there is also time for oneself and life; the US empire has dominated the international scene since WWII, hiding behind the myth of democracy the desire for domination. This is falling apart with Nero / Trump burning what he can and showing his real face; communism has failed long time ago. So the planet is re-harmonizing as always, cleaning itself of useless things and offering new unpredictable possibilities; contact and cooperation re-propose themselves as real, and concrete; non-ideological values ​​go beyond the status quo and invite creativity.

It is up to us to take this evolutionary challenge and look for a meeting point between the individual and the community beyond known boundaries: I + We = All of us.

Whether you want it or not, this is where we are going: Infinite possibilities in infinites.

Avikal Costantino

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